Media Buying and DRTV Marketing to Boomers

Baby boomers are also interested in living longer. A Time article stated they fully expect to live to 100. They also want to live better, so when media buying for boomers it’s important to focus on wellness and understand that healthy foods and supplements are important to this group, according to Business Week. Boomers aren’t obsessed with being young again, so drtv ads targeting them don’t need to feature people in their 20’s. They are comfortable with aging, but they want to look and be healthy, and it’s important to communicate the health benefits of products boldly and precisely and to not to use vague advertising claims, such as fortified with vitamins and minerals or fast pain relief, according to Business Week.
DRTV products and services need to be adapted for boomers. For example, Best Buy realized that boomers are interested in learning about the latest technology, but that it may take them longer to adapt to that technology. So they created the Geek Squad, which is a 24 Hour Computer Support Task Force, which sends trained technicians to your home to help with computer and network support related issues. Boomers want to use iPods and the latest electronic gadgets, but they weren’t raised with the same technology as generation Y, so they need help understanding and using the latest high tech devices.
Boomers are comfortable with aging and media buyers need to understand this if they plan to effectively target this audience. DRTV marketers who take the time to research this lucrative audience will reap the rewards for many years to come.
Peter Koeppel is president of Koeppel Direct, a leading infomercial and direct response media buying firm.

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