Infomercials: An Effective Advertising Strategy

Infomercials are becoming one of the fastest growing direct response marketing techniques for many mainstream businesses of all sizes.

Those popular 30-minute infomercials are a big reason for this growth. If you took time to surf through the various TV channels, you would be amazed at how many different 30-second TV advertisements (also known as a “short form”) and typical 30-minute infomercials (“long form”) are currently on the air marketing their products.

On all the time…These infomercials are on TV at any given time of the day, constantly giving out their 800 numbers or website address for ordering purposes. Because so many companies are using infomercials as their number-one television marketing tool, viewers are seeing more high quality ads coming from mainstream companies like, Vonage and Geico. This prevalence is making any distinction between DRTV infomercials and “regular” (in the consumer’s mind) commercials virtually non-existent to many viewers.

It’s a fact. The fact that advertisers of these infomercials are pulling in countless leads simply by using DRTV as the platform for their product or service is no coincidence. The fact of the matter is that this format and means of advertising works.