TiVo and Time Warner Join Forces

TiVo Inc.’s recent partnership with Time Warner Inc. will position the media giant (the latter) to stand apart from the DVRs currently offered by cable and satellite companies.

TiVo bounces back. The terms of the deal are being kept private, but it’s easy to see that the impact of this merger could definitely resurrect interest in TiVo. Despite all of TiVo’s features, DVRs have grown increasingly popular. 

Entertainment Weekly, part of Time Warner, will offer TiVo users the opportunity to automatically record the shows suggested by the magazine. Currently it is estimated that around 60 percent of the magazine’ audience use DVRs.

According to Scott Donaton, EW’s publisher, the magazine will provide readers with weekly recommendations for TiVo subscribers and help them “make the most of [their] entertainment time.”

More media choices for TiVo subscribers. Tom Rogers, TiVo’s CEO, explained that the company is turning to authoritative sources like EW to make it easier for subscribers to record their favorite programs.

Viewers and readers can even find helpful television and media suggestions for recording kid-friendly programming from the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media.