Online News Sites Reveal a Boost in Advertising

The Internet has definitely made it easier for advertisers to reach a mass audience.

An advertiser’s dream. If you were creating an advertising campaign for a new product or service and wanted to reach the most prospects, this could be accomplished by advertising online more quickly than any other media outlet.

Online up, newspapers down. Online news sources are the newest medium used to reach the most American consumers. A recent Harris poll revealed that an estimated 80 percent of Americans read the news online. Those who regularly read online news reportedly do so seven times a week for an average 30 minutes daily.

One reason for the shift to online news is the drastic reduction in daily newspaper subscriptions. The Harris poll also showed that 47 percent of Americans who read news online have decreased the time spent reading newspapers.

More accurate, better updated. Many consumers believe they can receive more accurate, up-to-the-minute news online. This is another reason behind decreasing newspaper subscriptions — online news websites attract a wide audience.

What is everyone doing online? 

  • Baby Boomers spend the majority of their time online checking e-mail and reading online news.
  • Generation X consumers are also drawn to online news, regardless of the fact that they did not grow up using computers. The Internet is an integral part of this group’s daily life.
  • Generation Y is the most technically savvy of the three groups. They have literally grown up working, learning, playing and exploring on computers.