Search Marketing Remains Strong

Businesses of all sizes are finding that search marketing is still a valuable tool offering the strongest return on investments.


No one knows just how long search engine marketing will continue to be so effective, but so far there appears to be no signs that the current economic slump is threatening to slow its success.


Search marketing is still effective
“We believe that search is not immune to macroeconomic forces, but we also believe it will have the least relative decline of the various marketing tools,” explained Craig McDonald, vice president of marketing and product management with interactive marketing and product management company Covario, Inc.

When asked why search marketing remains unaffected, McDonald explained, “I can tell you precisely the answer to that. There’s less risk in spending money on search. It’s very measured and the cheapest form of lead acquisition out there.”


2009 search marketing predictions
The numbers say it all. A new Covario study reveals yearly growth in paid search in North America was 32 percent during the third quarter. That’s about the same as the previous year.


What’s more, Forrester Research predicts paid search marketing will increase 26 percent this year reaching 114 billion dollars in the U.S. It is expected that search budgets will remain stable throughout most of 2009.