New TV Shows Give Broadcast Hope for their Advertising Future

Premiere week is often over-analyzed with regard to what it means for advertising budgets, but broadcast execs can still smile over the results.

Bad numbers may have meant that an already-flagging media format was going to have even more trouble getting advertisers to buy space on their shows, at a time when major companies are already pulling out in droves at the last minute if they fear their spots won’t reach a large enough number of viewers.

New shows that did well on ABC include Courteney Cox’s show Cougar Town and FlashForward; there may also be significant strength behind the critically acclaimed comedy Modern Family. On the CW, there’s a new show cashing in on the vampire obsession sweeping the United States called The Vampire Diaries which held onto a whopping 100% of its debut audience and grew from week to week.

Returning shows with good ratings include House, with a 6.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory, and NCIS. Fox also did extremely well with its return for House, with a 6.5 rating for their 18-49 demographic.

In the less-cheerful news, several returning series that have previously shown good numbers may be on their way out, with Community and The Office loosing significant viewers and ratings points, as well as Law & Order: SVU, CSI, and CSI: Miami showing lower numbers than expected. Heroes looks to be a dead show walking, and Dancing with Stars was down a frightening 24% from last fall’s debut, with the least-watched premiere yet in its 9 seasons at only 17.5 million viewers.

A few other shows are simply holding steady, including The Mentalist, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Jay Leno Show, all of whom are competing for the same Thursday time slot. It’s not a great turnout for broadcast, but it’s not the last trump either.

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