Gillette’s Latest Market Share Battle

Gillette Corporation’s newest battle for market share isn’t happening here in the U.S. or any other established market.

At this moment all eyes are on India as the leader in all-things-razor is placing third behind native brands such as Super Max and Malhotra Shaving Products.

In the past, Gillette focused it sales on flagship products and made their offerings only available to the wealthiest of international consumers. This left the company very little of the market and no way to secure future sales gains. In an effort to remain competitive Gillette changed its product creation strategy. The old way of doing business was not going to win over new consumers.

Gillette had to look at the big picture and decide what path to take. Instead of pricing a product after the costs of production had been accounted for, it relied on reverse engineering. Working from the standpoint of their potential market’s pocketbook, Gillette created product lines that met the budgetary needs of their desired consumer base.

This approach has allowed the company to become a growing fixture in the undeveloped markets, which are quickly being heralded as a key to their success. They have seen the model work with other products such as feminine hygiene products and water-saving laundry aids. The economic climate for traditional business has never been trickier.

The marketplace is now made up of tiny micro markets; Gillette is hoping to recognize more of these opportunities to expand the brand into areas that were once considered unprofitable. These days it pays to be persistent — as Gillette’s raising sales figures can attest to.

NBC Abandons the Infront

When a network wants to get good advertising revenue for its upcoming lineup, it presents its fall schedules in the upfront marketplace in New York.

In the past two years, NBC has been hosting their own smaller version of the presentation practice, inviting only a few to see their fall lineup in an “infront.” Looks like the network is abandoning its practice this year as they try to recover from several missteps and maintain a strong viewership.

The network is planning on overhauling its evening schedule, in part because of the embarrassing way they handled Jay Leno’s shift to his own talk show and then back again to the Tonight Show, ousting Conan O’Brien from the hosting spot and causing a surge of extremely negative feedback against the network.

The Tonight Show appears to have recovered more or less with 5.6 million viewers on Leno’s return episode, but it’s touch and go as to whether the entire network will follow.

NBC’s current viewer-bringing shows are “Parenthood” and “The Marriage Ref,” but they’re building a new lineup of a reported 20 pilot episodes for possible new shows. They need a hit new show, preferably one that both draws a huge viewership and earns critical acclaim, and at the moment, it’s not at all clear that they have that magic ratings-booster.

In a word of good news, the Olympics coverage from NBC may have helped it shift public perception back toward positive – though it still lags behind other networks including CBS, Fox, and ABC.